IELTS and TOEFL Exam preparation and Testing


We offer you  IELTS courses both for academic and general modules.

Up-to-date approaches and innovative methods integrated in the teaching process help students instantly grasp the delivered material and acquire all the necessary skills to succeed in the Test.

Brief description of the Course

  • Format description and analysis
  • Detailed explanation of the material which boosts coherent and parallel development of 4 skills (listening, reading, writing and speaking)
  • Reading and listening test practice every lesson
  • Regular writing assignments and speaking tests with correction and helpful feedback
  • Enrichment of topic vocabulary
  • Full, authentic tests once a week to record students’ progress


We offer you TOEFL IBT courses to master your skills for taking the test.

The objectives of the TOEFL Preparation:

  • to help students grasp different features of the test.
  • to help them develop and reinforce the skills dominating in the test.
  • to help them achieve the highest possible scores.

The brief description of the course:

  • course delivery by qualified and experienced tutors
  • detailed explanation of the course format, necessary skills and test traps using authentic test materials.
  • regular writing assignments, feedback, useful comments and advice from the tutor.
  • full authentic tests once a week.

IELTS and TOEFL IBT diagnostic tests

IELTS and TOEFL IBT  test takers can take a diagnostic test in our institution to check their test results and score before going to the real exam.

They can:

  • Get a free consultation before the test
  • Take a diagnostic test with 99% accurate score result
  • Get a free consultation after the test

Diagnostic test fee is 2000 AMD.